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The ACCA is urging HVAC manufacturers to join in the innovation of universal communication methods to enhance the productivity of the industry. The idea is that universal communication will enhance the industry and consumers who benefit from the technology. Although the technology is not mandatory, yet, it does stand to shake up the entire HVAC industry. There are several reasons for this change.

For starters, the hope is for HVAC business to have real-time insight into installations and maintenance of their units. The ACCA is hoping to achieve something similar to that of the automotive industry wherein equipment will have a universal set of error codes and a common access point for attaining information. In fact, the ACCA is currently in the development stage for communication technologies.

According to the ACCA, HVAC industry manufacturers will greatly benefit from universal communication protocols. These benefits, they claim, include the reduction of misdiagnoses, better customer and client service leading to improved customer satisfaction, universal error alerts notifying HVAC suppliers of issues, and lower service and installation fees.

Additionally, the hope is to improve the industry on a global level. With technology continually advancing with each passing year, it stands to reason that the HVAC industry should advance as well. Technology organizes, simplifies, and assists businesses in offering superior customer service and products. Something everyone can agree on. In fact, a universal communication system would play a big role in overcoming some of the greatest issues within the HVAC industry.

ACCA’s president and CEO Paul T. Stalknecht, made a statement regarding the new technology, “Universal communication protocols for diagnostics are something that many industries are already utilizing successfully, and it’s time our industry gets on board.” He went on to say that if the HVAC industry refuses to accept these new technologies they may end being forced into universal communication by the federal government, a situation no one wants.

The ACCA board voted unanimously to advance the use of universal diagnostics and communication.

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